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ReplyBox is a simple, lightweight and blazingly-fast commenting system that easily integrates into any website.
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Built For Peace of Mind
Privacy Focused

Built For Peace of Mind

We know that you and your users don’t want to have to navigate ads and worry about the way your personal data is being handled, so we built a comment system with a difference.
Built For Speed

Built For Speed

We're super fast, lightweight and truly agile when you compare us to any other comment system; ReplyBox is 15x lighter than Disqus! Perfect for when you want Google to notice that you've sped up your game and you're worthy of jumping up their rankings.
We always look the part
Beautifully Designed

We always look the part

We made ReplyBox so that it's modern, minimalist and mobile friendly from the moment you get started.
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Our Features

ReplyBox is all about making life simpler, so we added everything you need and nothing more.
Clean Commenting


Worry free comments section. Don't spend time getting inundated by spam and focus on your community.
  • Goodbye Spam

    We use Akismet and a few other bright ideas to keep the spammers on the sidelines where they belong.
  • Instant Moderation

    Control all new comments with a manual approval system that’s simple and effective.
Keep them coming back


Make life easier for your users by offering the right amount of features to keep your community engaged and wanting to get involved.
  • Markdown

    Links, lists, quotes, code blocks and even your favorite emojis are all welcome here 💪
  • Natural Discussion

    We've added nested comments so your users can reply direct to any comment they like and share their bright ideas.
  • Always in the Loop

    Anyone can subscribe to email notifications in an instant so that a reply or comment is never missed.
  • Localization

    Reach English-speaking, Spanish speakers, or any language group with our platform, connecting in their preferred language.
  • Pin a Comment

    Highlight a bright idea or spark of inspiration with the click of a button so you never lose it.
  • Comment Upvotes

    A comment doesn't always need a reply. Sometimes all you need is an upvote.

“I'm using ReplyBox on all my sites now for comments. It has an elegant and clean look, and doesn't slow down my page load times by loading lots of scripts.”

Iain Poulson
Iain Poulson
Owner, WP User Manager
Get connected


It's always a good idea to partner up with other services to make us stronger so we offer the following.
  • WordPress Without Effort

    Import existing comments and sync everything without ever having to lift a finger.
  • Social Login

    Make commenting even easier by authenticating via Google or Twitter in just two clicks (more coming soon).
  • Webhooks

    Notify external services that new comments have been added and streamline your workflow.
Stand out or blend in


We already supply beauty right out the box, but you can go one step further to tailor towards your brand.
  • Design Options

    Our designers are hard at work putting the finishing touches to even more ways to turn on the style.
  • Custom CSS

    Use CSS to transform ReplyBox into the on-brand addition your business has been waiting for.

Stress-free installation

No matter what type of site you have, ReplyBox gets onboard with what you’re doing in seconds. Add the HTML snippet where you want your comments and insert the JavaScript snippet before the closing tag.
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<div id="replybox"></div>
    window.replybox = {
        site: '123456789',
<script src="https://cdn.getreplybox.com/js/embed.js" defer></script>
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