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Let's face it. The default comments section of WordPress leaves a lot to be desired.

Let’s face it. The default comments section of WordPress leaves a lot to be desired.

The design is outdated, often non-responsive, and the spam and privacy protection is virtually non-existent out of the box. The moderation system on the back end has also been the same ever since with only a few features added here and there.

The way WordPress displays the comments on the back end is simple enough to be effective, yet is lacking a certain usability factor and interface. Plus, depending on your host, it can take some time to load up.

So, right now, you might be wondering, how do I update the way my WordPress comments section looks, without coding for hours and hours, improving and maintaining security and privacy features, and at the same time making it easier for me to moderate the comments.

Looking at Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and even Reddit, would make you wonder, “What if my website’s comments section looked like that?” Modern, responsive, and clean.

Simple — ReplyBox. And it really is simple. ReplyBox is a privacy-focused comment system that’s lightweight, easy to set up, and works on almost all platforms, specifically WordPress--yes, it has a plugin, and is capable of bringing your comments section into the 21st century.

What is ReplyBox?

ReplyBox is just amazing, is what it is. Better WordPress comments is its tagline, and it lives up to it.

ReplyBox is a comment system that works on all platforms, mainly by using embed codes, but has a specific and dedicated WordPress plugin for the majority of internet users.

Minimalistic and Modern Design

ReplyBox brings your WordPress comments section to the 21st century by giving it a minimalistic design, perfect for the modern-day aesthetics.

A lot of the times, your WordPress comments section only follows your theme’s default settings for fonts and colors. And depending on your theme, which we don't all have the cash to shell out on premium ones, can end up mismatching with your design.

ReplyBox takes care of that by bringing you the modern feel of your comments section similar to the Social Medias we all know and love. And you can customize it further with CSS.

It’s also responsive and cross-compatible with all devices and screen sizes without you even needing to set that. It’s by default.

You can check out their demo page here to see for yourself.

Markdown Support

When posting a comment or replying to one, you might want to put emphasis on certain things, or maybe style them out in italics a little. ReplyBox is just the plugin for that.

ReplyBox gives you and your users the ability to markdown your comments using bold, italics, and even lists and links.

*This text will be italic*
_This will also be italic_

**This text will be bold**
__This will also be bold__

_You **can** combine them_

This is [an example]( link.

And more. Check out the markdown guide to see all the styles you can add to your comments.

Synced Comments, WebHooks and Better Notifications.

ReplyBox has a dedicated platform on its website where you can see and moderate comments if you don’t want to finnick around the WordPress backend.

But of course, you still can if you want to since all the changes sync on both platforms. Making it easier for you to keep track of your comments.

ReplyBox also allows you to add and use WebHooks making it easier for you to be notified whenever someone posts a new comment. This is particularly useful on apps that support it such as Zappier, or even Slack.

You also have the option to enable or disable email notifications for each comment posted on your website.

Which is a lot of help if you’re trying to keep up your visitor’s engagements.

Lightweight and Blazing Fast

ReplyBox is lightweight. It won’t slow down your website one bit. The ReplyBox embed weighs in at under 17 KB. That’s almost 30x smaller than Disqus. Along with its other features also makes it that much more SEO-friendly.

Your posts, pages, and comments will load faster than it'll take you to read this section of the article.

Secure, No Ads, No Affiliate Links

ReplyBox prides itself on being secure and ad-free. Being a hosted comment system, there is no need to track users, and we don’t.

What you see in the comments section are exactly the same comments that are left.

No affiliate links, no ads, and you and your user’s privacy are never compromised. That is the promise of ReplyBox.

You also get the benefit of having spam comments filtered out automatically since ReplyBox partners with Akismet to make sure that you don’t need to get bothered with annoying spam comments. Or that they don’t go through and ruin the experience for your other visitors.

Quick and Easy to Install

It really is.

It’s compatible with all platforms using its embed code. And if you’re using WordPress, you have a dedicated plugin that you can use to connect your site to the ReplyBox platform.

Install with WordPress

If you have a WordPress site, after signing up for ReplyBox, you’ll be asked to download the plugin.

After that, install the plugin on your WordPress website. Just go to your WordPress Dashboard > Plugins > Add New > Upload Plugin. Once done, just hit activate.

Then go to WordPress Dashboard > Settings > ReplyBox to see your Secure token. You’ll need that to sync your website to the ReplyBox Dashboard.

On your ReplyBox Dashboard, just click on Add Site, and fill it out with your WordPress website information.

Move the slider over to WordPress Plugin and enter your Secure Token. Make sure to turn on the Sync Comments option, otherwise, what’s the point, right?

This will also make sure that any new comments posted to ReplyBox, or the ones you moderate, delete, move to spam, or reply to, gets synced to your WordPress website.

Once you’re done with that, simply click on Import Comments to automatically import your WordPress comments to the platform.

Click Create Site, and you’re done. You can now begin moderating comments on your ReplyBox dashboard, and if you check your WordPress posts and pages, the comments section is now modern and responsive.

That doesn’t mean though that you can no longer moderate comments on the WordPress Dashboard, you still can. It works both ways.

Install with Other Platforms

If you’re using other platforms, all you need to do is to use the embed code:


<div id="replybox"></div>


                    window.replybox = {
                        site: '123456789',
                <script src="" defer></script>

Add the HTML snippet to your where you’d like the comments section to appear, then place the Javascript snippet before the end of the closing tag.

Head on to your ReplyBox Dashboard again, click Add Site, enter your site details, and click Create Site.

You’ll then be given a Universal Code which you will add to your website.

After that everything will just sync. Don’t worry if you want to change the embed mode later on, you can still do that on the ReplyBox Dashboard.

Easy. No Fuss. Fast. Better Comments.

What’s Wrong with My Current Comments Section?

There is nothing inherently wrong with it, let’s start with that. ReplyBox prides itself on providing “Better WordPress Comments”. It’s just better than the default for the reasons we’ve explained above.

On top of that, your current WordPress comments section, depending on your theme, might have a lot of limitations and might not be responsive on different screen sizes.

Spam protection, aside from WordPress default, might also be lacking. While ReplyBox, on the other hand, makes sure that spam comments are filtered out automatically.

Another thing to take note is that ReplyBox gives you another, arguably faster, platform to moderate and reply to your visitor’s comments. The dashboard is simple, fast, minimalistic, yet intuitive.

So How Much Is It?

For the features you get, ReplyBox’s pricing is very reasonable. We have monthly subscriptions available depending on your website’s average PageViews.

Starting from just $6 a month for 20,000 monthly page views, you already get the full benefits of the platform. This is usually more than sufficient for most. Even the highest 250,000 monthly page views tier, is still reasonably priced at $26 a month.

Worry not, fellow WordPress users, you can also try it for free for 14 days. You can cancel any time before the trial ends if you’re not happy with it, but do give it a try first.

Is it Really Better?

In conclusion, yes. It really is better. Reply Box really lives up to its tagline of “Better WordPress Comments”.

It’s better in every aspect, compared to the default. You get a minimalistic design that’s responsive, modern, and fast. It’s cross-platform compatible. It’s secure, ad and affiliate link free, it offers automatic spam protection, and best of all, you get another platform to moderate your WordPress comments.

You can easily import, manage, reply to, delete, and even move to spam any comment that you have right from the ReplyBox’s platform with ease. And it syncs automatically.

And it’s easily customizable via CSS to match your brand.

Don’t just take our word for it, try for free for 14-days and you’ll find yourself not wanting anything else again. Easy, Fast, Secure, just Better.

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