Alternative to WordPress Comments

Let’s face it. The default comments section of WordPress leaves a lot to be desired.

The design is outdated, often non-responsive, and the spam and privacy protection is virtually non-existent out of the box. The moderation system on the back end has also been the same ever since with only a few features added here and there.

The way WordPress displays the comments on the back end is simple enough to be effective, yet is lacking a certain usability factor and interface. Plus, depending on your host, it can take some time to load up.

So, right now, you might be wondering, how do I update the way my WordPress comments section looks, without coding for hours and hours, improving and maintaining security and privacy features, and at the same time making it easier for me to moderate the comments.

Looking at Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and even Reddit, would make you wonder, “What if my website’s comments section looked like that?” Modern, responsive, and clean.

Simple — ReplyBox. And it really is simple. ReplyBox is a privacy-focused comment system that’s lightweight, easy to set up, and works on almost all platforms, specifically WordPress--yes, it has a plugin, and is capable of bringing your comments section into the 21st century.

Ready? ReplyBox simplifies everything with the click of a button.