App social sign-in

Monday, June 20, 2022

You’ve been able to sign-in to the ReplyBox embed with social logins for a long time now, this means you are effectively signing up to the app with a Twitter or Google account. This allows you to really quickly comment on a platform without having to remember your password if you’re already signed in or authenticate with an email, as it’s all handle with the social network. We really love social-logins because if you’re like us and use Twitter on the web, you’re already then signed in and it’s just a case of clicking “sign in with Twitter” in ReplyBox, nice and simple, no opening up your password manager or finding that sticky note with your password on.

All well and good, until you log out of ReplyBox and before accessing the account from the embed became available. So had to access your account from our website. But wait, you cannot login with your social account then, as it was not available, this was frustrating for our users and a broken flow which needed to be fixed. We’re pleased to say that you can now sign-in via the ReplyBox app and via the embed.

ReplyBox social-sign-in

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