Implementing light and dark themes using the bodyClass parameter

Monday, June 6, 2022

We’ve recently added a new bodyClass parameter to the embed code. This was a request from a user that mixes their website design backgrounds up. Sometimes their blog may use a light background and then others a dark depending on the content. Before this parameter this wasn’t possible to do with ReplyBox but now you can add as many themes as you wish making a dark-mode comment system match up with your new theme switcher icon.

    window.replybox = {
        site: 'J8M03mBNIO', 
        bodyClass: 'is-dark'
<script src=""></script>

The above embed code is all your need to added in a bodyClass.

This will then allow the output to look like the following with just a simple parameter change and relevant CSS added in the backend of our ReplyBox app.

ReplyBox light mode
ReplyBox dark mode

Will you use this new feature? What else could you do with new parameter?

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