Introducing our new marketing website

Thursday, January 5, 2023

As you’re reading this, you can already see the new website. We’ve been wanting to put our own stamp on the website since taking over ReplyBox.

Old Statamic Website

Initially the site was built in Statamic which meant local development to create simple pages and posts. Seeing as we have a WordPress background it felt natural to migrate the old website into WordPress, we did this straight away and got the SEO benefit from it too.

The old site lacked a blog, so although we moved the site over to WordPress we had to shoe-horn a blog into the old design. We did this but it wasn’t something we were happy with, so a new site was always on the cards.

New Website

Late last year (2022) we finally designed from scratch a new marketing website. This meant everything on the site now flowed and had the same aesthetic.

A new codebase meant we could jump into something familiar and make updates quickly.

We know a new marketing website doesn’t help the product, but we like to hope it helps new people find a comment system for their website and give confidence that we are the right company to go with.

Also a new pricing page hopefully gives a transparent and easy to understand way of selecting a plan.

Let us know your thoughts and if there is anything we can change.

Lighthouse score

We’re also pretty happy with our Lighthouse score, for some reason our blue against white doesn’t quite give enough contrast hence the score of 97.

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