Show reply to unauthenticated users

Monday, June 27, 2022

We’ve recently added the “Reply” button in for unauthenticated users from some feedback we had. Users were sometimes scrolling long comment sections and when they were triggered to reply, they couldn’t find how to reply, this is because “Reply” in the comment system only displays once you are authenticated. This meant users were looking for a text box, something that does not display at the bottom nor at the top. By adding in a “Reply” that scrolls the user back to the top to authenticate, which triggers the user to login/sign-up.

This does add to the minimal UI however we thing our users will get more engagement from this change. If you do want to hide “Reply” for unauthenticated users, you can simply add the following to your custom CSS in the ReplyBox app.

.logged-out .reply-link { display: none; }

We hope you like this small UI improvement.

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